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Helping fellow sport riders reveal “fast guy” secrets, keeping their machines running, improving riding techniques, reaching their personal riding goals, and dropping lap times. Help and information without the bullshit.

If your like many of our readers, your a successful rider that has his MC license riding the street and might have achieved some of the goals you have set out to achieve on the street or at the track. But something is holding you back, something is getting in the way of you moving to the next level. You are compelled to succeed with improving, and growing your knowledge. Knowing that you can reach your maximum potential with the correct information without loosing more time getting the needed information.

Finding centralized information for our sport is tough, but getting the correct answers is tougher. This blog is about getting the answer you are looking for, without the bull shit forum drama and misinformation. In the end we found nothing but fluff and useless  going nowhere conversations.  We noticed on forums and similar sites, that pouring through the useless and sometimes misguided information sucked up a ton of our time and cost us money as well.  We decided it was time to condense the correct information, centralize it, and only offer that which is important to the subject. No more reading 3 pages of forum replies, looking for an answer, and then getting side tracked into a discussion that you do not care about by someone that just doesn’t know the answer to your problem in the first place.  With 50+ years combined experience (experience dealing with motorcycles, snowmobiles, scooters, industrial equipment, and processes) we do the research and cut the BS out, we will have the answers here, and share some of our hard earned experience here as well.  SIMPLE

No question is stupid, the stupid questions are the ones that we do not ask and end up costing us the most.

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