Custom fairing stay for the SV

Stock SV650 gauge cluster and fairing stay.

So I need to start fabricating my fairing stay. Again with using the R6 body work I’m gonna have to make a special part. I’m planning on using the stock SV tach and gauge cluster to save some money.  If you notice the gauge cluster is mounted with rubber grommets to keep vibration at a minimum.  I need to replicate this same shape but out of aluminum to save weight.

Stock SV650 fairing stay and gauge mounting plate.

I used a piece of paper to produce a ‘rub’ of the stock piece.  This will properly place my mount holes for the new piece I will be making.

Paper taped over the fairing stay to replicate. I rubbed a pencil over top to produce the cut out shapes and mount holes.
Cut out of stock fairing stay ready to trace or draw onto the aluminum.

Now I will be able to use a pair of scissors to cut out the unwanted material.  After that I will be able to tape my cut out onto a piece of aluminum and start transferring it so I can start cutting it out.

After getting it cut out I realized that this piece isn’t going to work out or fit as nicely as I would have hoped.  I was a bit discouraged about the deal but instead of trying to make it work and have it look butchered, I have decided to go a different route. Yeah I spent time making it but sometimes things just don’t work out. Still got more fabrication time in working with aluminum so I still learned some stuff, not a complete waste.

Custom aluminum fairing stay to fit the R6 body work and stock SV gauge.

After toiling with some different ideas I bent some aluminum and came up with a design that I thought was light weight, looked good and served it’s purpose with mounting the R6 fairings.I decided to keep the stock guage so that I could see if and when the ECU throws a code if it’s not happy. When Chad and I went through the harness we decided to keep the 2 stock diagnostic ports in the harness for troubleshooting if I did run into problems.. We also hooked the harness up, mounted the tank and ran the throttle and clutch cables. I was a bit nervous firing it up for the first time since this was the first time we had gone through an SV harness. I put gas in and cranked it over, nothing. My heart sank.  Chad then realized the tip over sensor was hanging loose and we tried it again. She roared to life and we both did a little happy dance. It didn’t throw any codes on the gauge so it should be good to go. I made a carbon fiber short shot precision moto growler can for it so it sounds mean as hell. I’ll post pics of the custom exhaust in my next post. Stay tuned cause you never know what’s comin’ down the pipe…..

Jon Kipp

I have a motorcycling background that goes as far back as grade school. Having grown up around, drag raced, commuted, done track day riding, and currently plan to race in a 650 class, Chad feels I can bring quality technical information to this blog.

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