Kawasaki 650r Yoyodyne Clutch install

These are the instructions that came with my slipper clutch.  If your looking into doing the install yourself this would be a good reference to start with first.  If you do not feel that you are up to the task or lack the capabilities to do the install, please take it to your mechanic.  I received 2 sets of spring buckels.  There was a red set and a natural aluminum colored set.  The natural aluminum colored set looks like it might put 1mm more preload on the clutch springs, therefor making the clutch somewhat adjustable.


  • 1 pc.     premounted clutch drum
  • 1 pc.     presure plate
  • 1 pc.     bombing washer
  • 5 pcs.   spring buckel
  • 5 pcs.   M5 bolt
1. Read this instruction with photos befor you start. Check if the kit includes all parts ( fig a ).
  1. Remount the old clutch ( according Kawasaki workshop manual ), clean thread on the shaft main nut from old glue perfectly. Clean this parts with brake cleaner.
3. Check the STD shim under clutch drum in it´s position ( pic.b ).
4. This slipper clutch is delivered in pre-mounted stand. This unit install to gearbox shaft ( pic.c )


5. Put spring shim ( kit ) ( pic.d )


DON´T mount the STD shim ( fig e )


Mount standart main nut ( pic.f ),
fix it with torque 120 Nm ( pic.g ). To safe use strong thread glue ( Würth, Berner, Loctite ).


6. Install clutch plates . This clutch is designed for standart plates. Install the clutch plates to position as usual ( fig. h)
7. Install push rod ( fig. i)
8. Mount the pressure plate. Install clutch springs with kit buckels and M5x 25mm kit bolts ( torque 8 Nm ).( fig j )

9. Check the clearance between pressure plate and clutch hub in pressure plates hole. The correct clearance is about 1,0 mm, minimum clearance is 0,35mm. In case smaller clearance change all friction plates.

10. Adjust clearance on clutch lever

11. Install clutch cover according Kawasaki workshop manual, and go back to track.

The tools that I needed and did not have was a 30mm socket and a clutch holding tool.


Riding motorcycles and wrenching since my preteen years, I have moved from motocross to street bikes. Being a teen back in those days it was tough to get me off of the bike. Now days even though I am very busy being a dad I still have my weekends and go to the track to race and on occasion will do a track day or two.

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