Triple clamp/engine mount mod, dropping a little weight

Stock SV650 triple clamp or triple tree.Triple tree or triple clamp that has had the ignition key hole milled off, sandblasted, and ready for paint.I’m getting rid of the ignition switch on my track SV650S bike.  I unbolted the key switch and machined off the ring and the posts on the under side of the top triple clamp.  This not only cleans up the top triple clamp but saves around 2 pounds. I will cover the wiring mods and the resistor that needs to be soldered into the harness to by-pass the anti-theft switch in my post on the wiring harness.

Aluminum SV650 engine mountsFor a little more weight savings I have machined my motor mounts out of aluminum.  It was only about .75 lbs savings vs the stock steel ones but every little bit helps, as noted in the previous post about battery weight savings.  Ounces add up to pounds and less weight adds up to less the engine has to pull around the track.  Along with the bike I should probably put myself on a diet 🙂

Jon Kipp

I have a motorcycling background that goes as far back as grade school. Having grown up around, drag raced, commuted, done track day riding, and currently plan to race in a 650 class, Chad feels I can bring quality technical information to this blog.

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