2006 SV650S, a new beginning




So I’m getting a little more involved in track days and decided to build a bike to race when I decide I’m getting to that point in my hobby.  I picked up this 2006 SV650S off of http://www.crashedtoys.com for a song so this will be my starting platform.  I debated back and forth with getting a Kawasaki EX650R or a Suzuki SV650S.  I studied each brand and researched many sites.  Many things came into consideration when I made this decision.

  • Which brand? Kawasaki or Suzuki?
  • Which one is cheaper and more plentiful?
  • Which generation of either brand? 1st, 2nd, or even 3rd gen? (usually the newer the bike the more expensive)
  • Ease of getting parts for either brand
  • Aftermarket base of parts for either brand
  • Carburated or fuel injected?

After answering all these questions I ultimately came up with a deal on a 2006 SV650S with 7000 miles.  Keep checking in as we alter this bike into a track only racer.


Jon Kipp

I have a motorcycling background that goes as far back as grade school. Having grown up around, drag raced, commuted, done track day riding, and currently plan to race in a 650 class, Chad feels I can bring quality technical information to this blog.

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