Pit Posse Fuel Jug Rack

This week I decided to use Pit Posse’s Fuel Jug racks to carry my fuel jugs in the van.  This will keep the jugs inside to keep thieving hands off my fuel.  These will also keep the jugs secured while tooling down the 2 lane blacktop.

The reason why I went with two single fuel jug carriers was, because of some research I did on the duel carrier unit.  I read that if its not mounted with a solid surface on the bottom, the vertical welds on the holder will give out and rip. Mounting 2 single units gives extra support between the two tanks, which should prevent the ripping the seam.



Riding motorcycles and wrenching since my preteen years, I have moved from motocross to street bikes. Being a teen back in those days it was tough to get me off of the bike. Now days even though I am very busy being a dad I still have my weekends and go to the track to race and on occasion will do a track day or two.

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